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March 5, 2019: ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Mar 05, 2019


Release:  March 5, 2019

Need Help?  Contact Help Desk

Phone:  260-470-2727 (Fort Wayne), 260-982-5454 (North Manchester)
Location:  Fort Wayne 121 & North Manchester Clark 109
Hours of Operation:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

Changes to Printing@MU

We’re making changes to Printing@MU.  To complete the changes, we’ll take Printing@MU offline from 10 p.m. Thursday (3/7) through 2 a.m. Friday (3/8).  When we’re done, we’ll be using more robust drivers that should eliminate some of the problems experienced.  More importantly, though, we’ll be combining the Fort Wayne and North Manchester printers into One MU printers.  You can release print jobs to either of the new printers, MU-Black&White and MU-Color, regardless of where you are.  For example, if you submit a print job while in North Manchester, you can release it when you arrive in Fort Wayne.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MU-OWNED MACS:  We need to enable this new functionality manually on Friday morning or at your earliest convenience after the work is done.

ITS Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  No team operates well in a vacuum, and your feedback allows us to review our strengths and weaknesses.  The survey results are available by clicking on the links below.

Fort Wayne Faculty
Fort Wayne Staff
Fort Wayne Students
North Manchester Faculty
North Manchester Staff
North Manchester Students

Overall, the narrative from the 486 responses appears positive, but there are areas where ITS must improve.  The percentages listed below show that respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed with the question.  A higher percentage indicates a more positive general response.  Highlighted in bold red are those questions whose feedback was less than favorable (less than or equal to 50%).  We feel the identified areas require immediate attention.  We signify in non-bolded red those areas where we feel the percentages justify attention.  We will review all feedback to identify ways to improve the services we provide.

 Fort WayneNorth Manchester
?sFaculty Staff Students Faculty Staff Students
Q847.1% 78.6%66.3%79.6%63.3%87.9%
Q947.1% 50.0% 68.1%77.8%57.8%87.3%
Q11     32.6%
Q1276.4%42.8% 46.8% 50.0% 44.4% 37.1%

‡ Questions

Q1 - The team adequately provides for my information technology needs such as Internet, printing, etc.
Q2 - When a problem arises, I know whom to contact.
Q3 - The ITS team addresses problems promptly.
Q4 - When I deal with the ITS team, I am treated in a professional and courteous manner.
Q5 - The classroom, lab, or office equipment (computers, A/V, etc.) work well.
Q6 - The hardware or software I need is available to use.
Q7 - The wireless network, such as MUWiFi and MUWiFi-Public, works well.
Q8 - ChetNet is easy to use.
Q9 - Spartan Self-service is easy to use.
Q10 - Printing@MU works well for me.
Q11 - I like the quality of the cable TV service (applies to North Manchester students only).
Q12 - I appreciate the IT training opportunities available to me.

Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey.   Although we’ll work at long-term changes based on the results, we have the following thoughts to share that can be helpful right now:

  • Always contact Help Desk (we list contact information at the top of each newsletter) when you encounter a problem or issue.  We are here to help.
  • Don’t assume that someone else has contacted Help Desk or that Help Desk is already aware of an issue.  We cannot fix problems about which we don’t know.
  • We will redouble our effort for each ITS team member to provide you the customer service you deserve.
  • If you don’t receive the response you hoped, contact Travis Steele or Michael Case to pursue additional assistance.
  • We need to provide more precise and accessible information to you.
  • We’ll develop and publicize an extensive Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to provide a single location where you can obtain answers to a high percentage of questions we receive.
  • In addition to the FAQs, we’ll promptly produce primers to provide more in-depth information about printing and wireless.
  • We’ll conduct a site survey of wireless signal strength starting with the residential areas.  We’ll publicize what we find.  Additionally, some wireless devices use wireless technologies that impede the network for most users.  This summer, we will turn off support for legacy, older devices and those that don’t support newer wireless technologies.  While this move inconveniences some, it will result in a stronger network experience for most.
  • We welcome ideas and suggestions to improve the functionality of ChetNet and Spartan Self-service.
  • We are working to improve training opportunities for all constituents.


Next ITS Newsletter Issue

We plan to discuss Office 365 and its many features in the next issue.

Employee Colleagues:  Log into WebEx

To host a WebEx session visit, click the Sign In button, and log into the system using your MU username and password.

Spam on the Rise?

While anecdotal, we’ve seen a rise in spam hitting our inbox or spam filter.  While this is frustrating, Microsoft’s Office 365 email servers block over 94% of all email sent to our inboxes identified as spam.  If you receive spam, click on the “Report Message” button in the Outlook ribbon bar.  Microsoft uses these reports to improve their spam filters.

Voicemail Full?

Please visit when on campus to use a web-based format to address your voicemail system needs, including message purge.

Contributions Always Welcome

Do you want to know more about a topic or do you know a helpful IT tip?  Please send article ideas to Help Desk