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April 18, 2019: ITS Newsletter

by Michael Case | Apr 18, 2019

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Internet Interruptions

Our Internet Service Provider, I-Light, informed us that they would complete some necessary maintenance work that may cause brief Internet interruptions on Thursday, April 25th.  They scheduled the work from midnight until 5:00 a.m.

Switchboard Functionality Restored

We reported this morning that neither campus switchboard was working.  We restored that service this morning.

Website Outage Saturday

We intend to upgrade the software that makes our website possible this Saturday, April 20th.  The work should take less than an hour.  The work begins at 9 p.m.

Changes to Printing@MU Coming

There are three major changes to our printing system forthcoming.  First, there’s a firmware update that fixes several nagging issues with the hardware.  Next, we’re changing the default for copying from color to black and white.  Finally, we’re implementing an additional security enhancement.  When a print job fails, from a paper jam or some other reason, the system will cancel the print job rather than risk printing the document without you present. 

Calvin Ulrey Collaboration Room No Longer Available

With the effort to move out of the Administration building, the collaboration room on the 3rd floor of Calvin Ulrey is no longer available for use.  Please work with Conference Services and the VEMS system to find an alternative.

Microsoft Outlook Advice

To expedite meeting scheduling, please use Microsoft Outlook to maintain your calendar.  Include all of your meetings and appointments in the electronic calendar, to include personal appointments, so others can more accurately schedule meetings with you.  If you include personal appointments, you can mark it private so that others cannot see the appointment’s purpose, only that the time is blocked out.  Also, if you have travel like a drive to or from the other campus, block that time off as well.

If you create a meeting, create an Outlook appointment for everyone so that they may automatically add it to their calendar.  You can include the meeting’s purpose, etc., in the electronic appointment to explain the purpose of the invitation.

Finally, while it’s nice to create an electronic poster and insert that as your email’s text, please avoid using this technique.  As we work to be more ADA-compliant (supporting those with disabilities), an artwork poster is not readable by the screen readers used by those with visual impairments.  Instead, format the email like a web page.  Screen readers can read web page content.

Cable TV Update

This year we struggled because the local Fort Wayne broadcasters lowered their antennas to work toward FCC compliance.  To combat that, we switched from over-the-air local broadcasts to satellite broadcasts.  With the Fort Wayne broadcasters now done with their compliance efforts, we have restored over-the-air broadcast versions of the local channels.

Contributions Always Welcome

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