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July 29, 2019: ITS Newsletter

by User Not Found | Jul 30, 2019

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Major Password Policy Change

Around the time that undergraduate students return for the fall semester, we’ll implement a two-factor authentication (2FA) process for all MU account holders.  The new 2FA process requires that you provide more than your username and password to access certain MU online resources.  The updated policy was designed to enhance account security and minimize risk.

Please look for the announcement shortly.

New Emergency Alert System

We’ll officially announce soon that you can sign up for the new alert system, InformaCast, to replace the Rave system we used last year.  You can submit phone numbers for calls and texts as well as email addresses.  Our systems automatically notify your MU email address, so you needn’t include it here.  If you want to get a head start on the process, please visit, enter your email address, click the right-hand facing arrow, then log in using your MU credentials.  We’ll publish more detailed instructions and host signup festivities when students return.

For those with office phones, you may recognize InformaCast as the system we use to turn your phones into a public address system during a crisis.  We’ve expanded our use of InformaCast to include the emergency text messaging.  There’s also an InformaCast app that you can download on your smartphone, too, so you receive notifications on your smartphones beyond the texts.

North Manchester Classroom Technology Support

The ITS Help Desk assumes responsibility for the North Manchester classroom technology starting with the Fall 2019 semester.  If you experience issues with classroom technology, please contact Help Desk at x5454.

We will publish further details about what you can expect in a forthcoming memorandum.

Change in AT&T FAN

We are transitioning our MU AT&T account to one that supports first responders better.  As a result, the Foundation Account Number (FAN) used to obtain a 15% discount on AT&T services changes.  We’ll send an email when it’s official, but the FAN is changing from 03445232 to 58379195.  You can change the FAN online or contact AT&T directly to make the change.

Please Don’t Overfill

If you refill one of Printing@MU’s printer trays, please be careful to avoid overfilling it.  When you overfill the tray, you significantly increase the odds of paper jams.

MUWiFi vs. MUWiFi-Public

You may find the wireless network confusing.  In almost every case, you want to use your MU network credentials to log into MUWiFi.  That wireless network provides access to all MU online resources, and the system encrypts the network traffic.  While MUWiFi-Public provides access to some of the same resources and the Internet, the network itself is NOT encrypted.  If you insist on using MUWiFi-Public, we recommend that you also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service such as OpenVPN.  There are free options, but you’ll have better performance and protection from the paid versions.

MUWiFi-Public is great if you don’t care about encryption or you need quick access to the Internet.  Some good examples of reasons to use MUWiFi-Public are gaming consoles or guest access.

Using Microsoft Office

Improving Productivity When Using Microsoft Outlook

There’s a good online article to help improve your productivity when using Microsoft Outlook.  You can find it at

Office Cheat Sheets

You can find cool Microsoft Office tips through the cheat sheets you find at

Contributions Always Welcome

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