Room and Board Credit 2020 FAQs

How was the credit calculated for my room charges?  
The semester is 15 weeks and you will not live in the residence halls for seven of those weeks, so you are being credited for seven weeks. 

How was the credit calculated for my board (meal) charges? 
The credit for board/meal plan is based on a recommendation from Sodexo, our meal plan provider.  This credit is based on 51 day, which is the number of days remaining on the meal plan after spring break.   

Why is my refund different than my friends? 
Actual charges and payments vary from student to student.  If any part of your room and board (meal) charges were paid with gift aid such as scholarships, grants and outside gift funds, that portion will not be refunded to you.   

If I requesting a credit using direct (electronic) deposit, when can I expect to receive the deposit? 
If you choose a refund using Option 1 – money refunded by direct deposit, we will do everything we can to process your refund by May 1. 

I requested the credit be returned to the federal or private loan program(s).  How will this work? 
Request to return the credit to the federal and/or private loan program(s) will be returned to borrowed loan(s) in the following order: 

Private Educational Loan 
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan 
Federal Direct Student Loan – Unsubsidized 
Federal Direct Student Loan – Subsidized 

I thought I would get a larger credit.  What happened
Room and board (meal) charges were calculated based on your actual charges and the payment you already made.  This will vary from student to student.  Room and board (meal) charges paid with gift aid such as scholarships, grants and outside gift funds will not be refunded to you. 

I received an email notification that shows I received a credit, but my billing statement still shows I owe money. 
If you had a balance and/or were on a payment plan, the credit is first applied to the balance/payment plan.  You are responsible for the remaining payment to bring your account current.  You can view your account balance and payment plan information on Spartan Self Service>Student Account Center. 

I requested the credit be applied to my Fall 2020 enrollment.  What happens if I am not able to return to Manchester in the Fall? 
If you find that you are unable to return to the University in fall 2020, your credit will be paid to you at that time. 

Why did I not receive a credit? 
There are situations in which a student is not eligible for a credit to the room and board (meal) charges.  Some examples would be if the student: 

  • Was approved to live in a residence hall for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester 

  • Withdrew from the University and did not return to classes after spring break 

  • Did not live on campus and/or have a meal plan for Spring 2020 

  • Received scholarships and/or grants in excess of total charges that include room and board