Suggested Routes to North Manchester

S.R. 13 DetourIndiana 13 – Closed between Wabash Road and S.R. 114 (1 mile south of North Manchester) for bridge replacement until June 1, 2018.

Detour (from the south): north on S.R. 13; turn east/right on C.R. 1100 N.; turn north/left onto Wabash Road (the first road you come to); turn east/right onto Main Street; turn north/left onto Wayne Street and follow to campus.

S.R. 15 DetourIndiana 15 – Closed north of Wabash and south of Roann for bridge construction until about 4 p.m. Sept. 17.

Detour (from the south): turn north/right onto Barnhart Road; turn west/left onto 300 N.; turn north/right onto S.R. 15 N.

Alternate option: use U.S. 24 to S.R. 13 and enclosed detour for S.R. 13 just south of North Manchester

S.R. 14 DetourIndiana 14 west of South Whitley and Collamer for bridge construction, through Oct. 27.

Detour: (from the east) turn north/right onto 950 W.; turn west/left onto 650 S. (becomes 1050 S.); turn south/left onto 700 E.; turn west/right back onto S.R. 14