Green Cleaning

Green Campus Initiative

The MU Custodial Staff has taken the following steps toward greener cleaning:

  • Introduced proportioning dispensers that control dilution rates and maximizes effectiveness of chemicals, and minimizes effects on the environment.
  • Introduced foaming soap, shower soap and instant hand sanitizer, that reduces by up to 30 percent the amount of these chemicals that go down the drain.
  • Now using walk-off mats in entry ways, which means less dirt entering buildings and less need for chemicals to clean buildings.
  • Now using automatic “all-surface” cleaners for locker room cleaning that allow cleaning without the user having to touch contaminated surfaces.
  • Introduced all purpose scrubber that cleans all floor surfaces and uses less chemical to clean surfaces, with the added benefit of the user not having to touch contaminated surfaces.
  • Now using canister vacuums that clean with ultra low noise levels and use HEPA filtration systems to trap small dust particles.
  • Virtually eliminated the use of all aerosol products.
  • All paper products have been changed to “Green Seal” products.
  • Now using “Pro2 xit,” a green cleaning product to replace several harsher products.
  • Now using Murphy oil soap, which is environmentally friendly, to replace other less friendly cleaning products.
  • Using environmentally friendly Gym Handy to clean gym floor.
  • Using Green Seal floor wax & stripper.
  • Introduced Flat Micro-Fiber mopping system that uses less cleaning chemicals than traditional mopping systems.
  • Using micro-fiber cleaning rags that use less chemicals and better control dust.
  • Now using micro-fiber dusters that minimize dust in the air and chemical usage.
  • In process of replacing paper towel dispensers with hands free dispensers, that control usage and allows user to not touch contaminated surface.

Green Factoid

Every minute of every day, the U.S. loses two acres of agricultural land to development, up to 1.2 million acres per year.

SourceAmerican Farmland Trust