Green Campus Initiative: Projects

Green Campus Initiative

The University has many projects with green implications underway. Here are just a few of them

  • Recycling: The University has pursued responsible recycling for a long time. To learn more, please click here. For more general information on recycling, please visit the Indiana Recycling Coalition home page.
  • Green Cleaning: The University has transformed its cleaning products to account for their impact on the environment. To view information on these changes, please click here.
  • A New Energy Infrastructure: The University's Physical Plant department has made great strides to deploy more energy-efficient boilers and chillers on the North Manchester campus.  The Fort Wayne campus building is also LEED certified.
  • Middle Eel River Watershed Initiative: This is a four-year, $1 million grant through the 319 nonpoint source pollution program of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. It is a multi agency effort, led by MU, to write a watershed management plan for the watershed, monitor stream water quality and remediate high priority nonpoint source pollution in the watershed).  You can visit the project's web site here. To watch a video about this great project, please click here.
  • Redside Dace Recovery Grant: This is a four-year grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to design a regional recovery plan for this state endangered minnow species.
  • Participation in Earth Day ceremonies in Indianapolis. To learn more about Earth Day in Indiana, please visit the Earth Day Indiana website.
  • Collaboration of Peace Week and Earth Day – MU Campus activities.
  • Construction of new wetland on our Koinonia property.
  • Water quality study of Pony Creek.

Green Factoid

The number of average-sized power plants that could be eliminated if everyone in the U.S. used energy efficient lighting is 90.