Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

UCC meets each Wednesday at 3:00. Proposals (with all appropriate signatures) should be submitted to the Office for Academic Resources by 12:00 noon on the Friday preceding the meeting.

Proposal Forms

The following forms are available in WORD format only. Please submit the signed paper copy to the Academic Resources, and email the electronic copy to Audrey Hampshire, Registrar. 

Form Revised
Manchester Core Course 10/4/17
New Catalog Course 10/4/17
Changes to a Catalog Course 10/4/17
New Temporary Course 10/4/17
First Year Seminar 10/4/17
Writing (W) Course 10/4/17
Senior Comprehensive Evaluation Proposal 10/4/17
Major/Minor Change Form 10/16/17
New Applied Study Area Form 11/2/17
Submission Deadlines

  • November 1:
    • New Catalog courses for Fall
    • New Core courses for Fall
    • Changes to Catalog/Core courses for Fall
  • February 1:
    • New Temporary courses
  • March 15:
    • New Catalog/Core courses  for January/Spring
    • Changes to Catalog/Core courses for January/Spring
    • Changes to Majors/Minors (Please note that these are small changes, such as changing electives or dropping courses, etc. This does not include new courses. Changes that include new courses for the fall must be submitted by November.)