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English - Shakespeare Behind Bars

Shakespeare at Pendleton began on Oct. 18, 2013 and is facilitated by Professor Jack Heller of Huntington University and Professor Stacy Erickson of MU. The two co-facilitators and a group of 12-15 inmates meet weekly to read, discuss and act out Shakespeare's plays. On April 23, 2015, Shakespeare at Pendleton presented a condensed version of Coriolanus (the first prison production of this Shakespeare play).

In January 2015, Professor Erickson also started a co-ed Shakespeare discussion group with juvenile offenders at the Allen County Juvenile Center, a short-term detention facility in Fort Wayne, Ind.

English majors Joseph Myers (left) and Jennifer Pilgrim (right) with Shakespeare Behind Bars Founder and Producing Director Curt Tofteland.

More About SBB

Shakespeare Behind Bars is a program dedicated to using theater to help prisoners develop the critical social skills necessary before reintegrating into society. Learn more.