Arts & Humanities

Modern Languages - Summer in Spain


May 30–July 16

Six weeks, nine credits

Spain is a land of paradox: the awe of towering cathedrals, the macabre of musty catacombs; the construction of a modern state of the European Union upon the peculiar schedule of siesta. Experience all the richness of ancient and modern Spanish civilization on the inaugural 2018 Summer-in-Spain program. Students enrolled in the program will depart O’Hare International terminal on Thursday, May 30, for a six-week study abroad experience in Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, La Coruña, Burgos, and Bilbao.

Students will receive nine credits for their participation in the program which includes a month of daily classes and two weeks of excursions throughout the northern half of Spain including Madrid and Barcelona. Students will live with host families while studying at the Dile Cursos language institute in Salamanca and will stay in downtown, centrally-located hotels for the two-week excursion portion of the trip.

Program director and Manchester’s associate professor of Spanish, Dr. Scott DeVries, will coordinate planning and accompany students in every aspect of the trip. He will teach the three credit Living the Spanish Language course that all students will be required to take. He will also be available for both pre-trip and on-site, in-program advising and counsel.

Program Itinerary

  • May 30: 2013 Depart Chicago O'Hare International Airport
  • May 31: Arrive in Salamanca
  • June 3–28: DILE Cursos
  • June 29: Depart Salamanca for La Coruña
  • July 1: Excursion to Santiago
  • July 2: La Coruña sights
  • July 3: Depart La Coruña for Burgos
  • July 4: Burgos sites
  • July 5: Depart Burgos for Bilbao
  • July 6: Explore Bilbao
  • July 7: Depart Bilbao for Barcelona
  • July 8–10: Barcelona sights
  • July 11: Depart Barcelona for Madrid on High Speed Train
  • July 12–14: Madrid sights
  • July 15: Toledo Excursion
  • July 16: Depart Spain for U.S.


Program Costs

The cost for the Manchester-in-Spain six-week summer study program is $5495. This price includes airfare; Manchester tuition and tuition at Dile Cursos in Salamanca; room and board in Salamanca; all hotels; breakfast, and meal expense costs during the excursion portion of the program; and all connections and other transportation costs. This price represents a cost of $611/credit for the summer program, more than $2000 LESS per credit than the $2646/credit cost for fall and spring study and residence at Manchester. The major difference: instead of Indiana, we will be in Spain!

The cost for the program has been figured based upon reservations and inquiries of US and Spanish travel agents, airlines, and educational institutions. Some of these costs are fixed, but others are dependent upon economic factors outside of the control of the program’s director. Unexpected increases or decreases in jet fuel and major fluctuations of the dollar’s value against the Euro may require that the final cost for the program be altered either higher or lower depending upon how these variations affect airfare and anything that must be paid for in Euros.


Financial Aid

Students will receive nine credits for successful completion of the program from Manchester University and because these credits are granted by the university, the full range of financial aid programs—state, federal, and college grants, scholarships and loans—are available subject to the normal restrictions which are applied to summer study. That is, grants may be used for one academic year, regardless of credit hours; however, loans can be provided and used based upon need, whether during the regular semester, January session, or summer session, including the Manchester-in-Spain program.