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Students at a Kenopocomoco Coalition meeting

Kenapocomoco Coalition

Kenapocomoco Coalition is an informal group of students that meets on Monday evenings to discuss social, environmental, political and other issues of conscience, share announcements, and plan action. Guest speakers, videos, debates and discussions focus on campus, national and international issues. The coalition is organized through the Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Program at Manchester.

Being a coalition instead of a club, there is no formal membership in Kenapoc (pronounced "Keen-ah-poke"). Kenapoc seeks to welcome all members of the community who are interested in discussing issues of conscience. Events are listed monthly in the online Activities page, are posted on the information board at ACEN 229, and emailed through the distribution list. Contact may be made through the Peace Studies Offices or ACEN 229, (x5108).

United Sexualities

The United Sexualities organization exists with the intention of providing visible, tangible support for straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered members of the community. The organization meets once a week in a non-threatening space for members. All correspondence is through email (using an MU distribution list).