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Dr. Justin Lasser Assistant professor of religious studies

Justin Lasser

Associate Professor of Religious Studies.
Phone: 260-982-5217

 B.A., Gordon College, 2004;
M.A. (2004),
M.Phil. (2006),Ph.D. (2010),
Union Theological Seminary (New York). [CV]

Professor Lasser began teaching at Manchester University with the Fall Semester, 2011.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (REL 101)
Introduction to the New Testament (REL 102)
Judaism, Christianity, Islam (REL 210)
Religious Classics (REL 266)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 201)
Ancient and Medieval Christianity (REL 311)\
Rethinking God: The reality of the Virtual (INTD 341)
Religion and ideological power (INTD 345)