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Dr. Steve Naragon Professor of Philosophy

Steve Naragon

Department Chair of Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy
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Office: Academic Center 233
Phone: 260-982-5041

B.A., Manchester College, 1982
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1987. [CV]

Professor Naragon began teaching when Manchester was still a college, in the Fall Semester, 1991.  He was on sabbatical leave during 2012-13, and an extended research leave from Fall 2013 through Spring 2015. He is on research leave during 2018-19.

The Making of the Modern Mind (IDIV 240) [January/off-campus]
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 201)
Logic (PHIL 230) 
Bioethics (PHIL 235)
Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy (PHIL 316)
17th and 18th Century Western Philosophy (PHIL 318)
19th Century Western Philosophy (PHIL 320)
Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 330)
20th Century Western Philosophy (PHIL 423)
Environmental Philosophy (INTD 425)
Seminar on Medical Ethics (PHIL 385)