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Wabash County Economic Report


About the WCER

The Wabash County Economic Report (WCER) will provide a snapshot of the Wabash County economy for government, non-profits, businesses, and residents. The report will include analyses of different sectors in the local economy, along with specific economic issues confronting the county. 

In addition, the WCER is to include charts and accompanying discussion to report trends in data of local interest, such as prices, employment and housing. Besides the snapshot of the economy, the report will provide an analysis of areas of economic activity in which Wabash County exhibits a comparative advantage. In other words, we will identify the areas in which the county provides advantages to businesses compared to other areas in the state and country. 

The report will be issued twice a year in January and July. The first issue came out in June of 2012.

Representatives from the WCER will be available to make presentations to local groups within the Wabash County community.

Supported by Lilly Endowment, Inc.