Education & Social Sciences

Education - Transition To Teaching (T2T)

Must be completed prior to scheduling student teaching interview

  1. Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 (4.00 = A) or 2.50 with 5 years of professional experience. 12 hours unrelated to education requirements may be removed, upon appeal. (Professional experience is defined in 515 IAC 1-6-2 as "experience that occurred through full-time employment in an educational related field or in a field in which the person intends to be licensed."
  3. All three sections (Reading, Math, and Writing) of CASA passed or documentation of the appropriate alternatives to CASA provided according to standards established by the Teacher Education Committee of Manchester University and the Indiana Department of Education-Office of Educator Licensing and Development.
  4. Candidates seeking licensure in the secondary content areas must take Praxis to verify content knowledge. Passing scores must be on file in the education office to be admitted to the T2T program.

Individualized Program Plans

  1. Candidate's life experiences may be credited as a substitution for EDUC 230 Educational Psychology as outlined in the Life Experience Credit Essay directions. Candidates must first provide evidence of applicable experiences (such as coaching, substitute teaching, providing day care, etc.) The Director of Teacher Education evaluates the paper using the Life Experience Credit Essay rubric.
  2. In collaboration with the DTE, the candidate develops an individualized plan for completing the Transition to Teaching requirements is created and maintained in the candidate's file.
  3. May take up to 2 courses prior to formal admission to T2T program is completed.

Permission to Student Teach

  1. Application to student teach and student teaching interview must be completed a minimum of 6 months prior to start of student teaching semester.
    • TEC will consider application within 2 months of interview (pending satisfactory completion of items #8-13) to allow time for student teaching placement to be sought and secured.
  2. "Credo" from Teacher Education Student Handbook must be written, evaluated, and on file in the Education office.
  3. Attendance at a Celebrating Diversity workshop, with a written and evaluated reflection paper on file in the Education office.
  4. Overall GPA of 2.50 for all postgraduate hours and 2.50 grade point in the major- with no grade lower than a C counting.
  5. Satisfactory references from at least 3 professionals; one faculty member from education, two from his/her content area. Professionals identified by the candidate can be faculty from the candidate's baccalaureate program, from employment settings related to the content and/or teaching, or any professional with knowledge of the candidate's content knowledge or teaching skills and dispositions. References will be submitted on the Recommendation to Student Teach Rubric.
  6. Satisfactory formative review of the professional portfolio with a minimum of one artifact per goal/objective.
  7. At the conclusion of the semester prior to student teaching, Teacher Education Committee will approve student teaching if all requirements are maintained (GPA, GPA in the major, faculty approval.) Approval to student teach will be withdrawn if any of the requirements are not met. Students denied permission to student teach may appeal following the process outlined in Teacher Education Student Handbook.