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Mock Trial

All students, regardless of major, are welcome to participate in Mock Trial. Mock Trial is a competition among teams of students taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a hypothetical case. Members of our mock trial teams participate in annual regional and national competitions, run by the American Mock Trial Association, gaining valuable experience and insights into the practice of law.

Traditionally, Manchester has done quite well in mock trial tournaments. Since 1992, Manchester mock trial team achievements have included 5 national tournament bids and 2 Spirit of AMTA awards. Manchester students have also earned individual honors, including 18 Outstanding Attorney awards and 13 Outstanding Witness awards.

Students interested in Mock Trial should contact one of the coaches: Dr. Leonard Williams or Prof. Brad Pyrah.


On November 1-3, Manchester’s Mock Trial team competed in the annual Illinois State University Invitational Mock Trial Tournament. We were one of 32 teams in the tournament, from 18 colleges and universities located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and South Dakota.

The team gave a solid and competitive performance throughout the tournament. We finished with a 3-5 record. After the first two rounds, we had a promising 3-1 record. Then, we lost in each of the next two rounds--first, to a team from Cornell College, the eventual #2 team at the tournament, and then to a team from DePaul, the eventual #10. The scoring in each round was close.

It was a valuable tournament experience for a team of veterans and newbies alike. Members of the team were Megane Arbona, Jake Burns, Adam Frayer, James Harry, Austin Kelly, Briana Leatherberry, Alexander Pierce, Zachary Pitts, Robert Swaby, Jeremy Walters, Guy Webb, and Allison Weber.

We are grateful to the following attorneys for their help in preparing the team by observing practice trials: Jared Baker, Blake Hike, Lisa Updike, Whitney Caudill, Jordan Tandy, Larry Thrush, Steve Fawcett, and Judge Robert McCallen. Their gifts of time and expertise are much appreciated.