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Social Work Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity representing the interests of the social work practice community to the Manchester University Social Work Program by participating in the systematic review of the Social Work Program. This helps the Program maintain congruence between its curriculum and the needs of the social work practice community.

The Council is comprised of social work practitioners from diverse fields of practice, current students, and the social work faculty.  We meet each semester to review the program's accomplishments and goals and discuss current trends in the profession.  And, we have a bit of fun while we're at it!

Current Advisory Council Members
  • Megan Birky, BSW '13
  • Kenneth Fry, BSW '75
  • Chief Garry Hamilton, BSW '85
  • Ann Helmke, MSW (Rutgers University)
  • Steve Miller, BSW '98
  • Liane Minier, BSW '90, LSW, HFA
  • Bruce Orr, BSW '08
  • Tim Polakowski '08, MSW (University of Michigan)
  • Greta Yoder Slater '92, MSW, PhD, ACSW (University of Kentucky/Indiana University)
  • Valerie Staples '79, MSW, LCSW (University of Louisville)
  • Tammy Van Baalen '82, MSW, LCSW (Indiana University)
  • Steve Viehweg '82, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, IMH-E(IV) (Indiana University)