Education & Social Sciences

Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice

Social Work Strengths and Distinctiveness

The Social Work Program is a distinctive program at Manchester University, launching graduates into service-oriented careers throughout the world. Here are just a few things that make the MU Social Work Program exceptional:

Our Social Work Program has been fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1977. This gives our graduates access to state and federal civil service exams and provides the credentials needed for professional licensing in social work. CSWE accreditation also allows our graduates to apply for advanced standing in master of social work programs.

Academic Quality
The Social Work Program faculty take our commitment to academic quality seriously. Every year, we assess our effectiveness in preparing students for professional social work practice and make improvements to the Program accordingly. For a quick summary of our recent student learning outcomes, see: Fall 2017 Student Learning Outcomes CSWE Form AS 4B

For a more in-depth look at our educational outcomes, here are our annual Program Assessment Reports:
Celebrating Diversity Workshop
These 1/2-day workshops, offered to students and the entire university community each semester, provide opportunities for participants to examine issues of identity, unfreeze prejudicial attitudes, and act on the basis of shared values. Workshops focus on gaining ideas, strategies and resources for taking an active role in promoting positive relations among diverse people. All social work students are required to participate in one workshop before they are admitted to the Senior Social Work Practice Block.

Anti-Racism Retreat
During the senior year, while enrolled in Social Work Practice II, students participate in an off-campus retreat involving group experiential learning about racism and oppression, designed to help students gain insight into majority-minority encounters in a racist society and understand the dynamics of racism.  Students analyze racism as a systematic problem of society and develop action plans for combatting racism individually and collectively.

LGBTQ Workshop
This six-hour workshop on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender awareness is offered as a part of the Field Instruction Seminar.  Its focus is on confronting the myths and stereotypes related to sexual orientation and gender identity; recognizing the forms of oppression experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people; and developing culturally competent skills and strategies to achieve individual empowerment and social justice.

Chicago Seminar on Racism, Human Diversity, and Urban Social Work
During the spring semester of the junior year, students participate in a three-day field trip to Chicago, which allows them to engage directly with issues of racism, poverty, political influence, economics, employment, housing, human diversity, and the contributions of the various cultures to the fabric of the city.

Off-Campus Study
Social work students are actively encouraged to study abroad, whether it be for a 3-week travel course in January or a full semester or year at an international university.  Social work specific study abroad options are available. Domestic options are available, too.  Most notably, social work seniors can complete field instruction in Chicago in collaboration with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture.