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Chemistry Laboratory

Department News

  • Two graduating seniors were accepted into pharmacy school: Ben Linker `15 and Kecia Kosins Missos `15. Congratulations!

  • Nine two-year pre-pharms have been accepted to pharmacy school to date.
  • Emily Willmann ’15 was accepted to (and will be attending) a master's program in biology in Iowa on her path to become a DO (osteopathic physician)

  • Dana Dillon `15  is applying to nursing programs

  • Giang Hoang ’15 accepted a job at MD Anderson as a research scientist in Houston

  • Abby Lang ’15 will be attending a Physical Therapy program in Virginia 

  • Kecia Kosins Missos ’15 is attending a pharmacy program in North Carolina that grants a joint Pharm.D. and master's in public health