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Exercise Science & Athletic Training - Adapted Physical Education Program and Curriculum

Academic Program

Undergraduate students wanting to teach children and youth with disabilities can earn teacher certification in adapted physical education from Manchester University. Our academic program is determined in response to the Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS) and emerging educational trends. The program will prepare graduates to become nationally Certified Adapted Physical Educators (CAPE).

The academic program in adapted physical education has three important parts:

  • The core part of the degree is designed for the student to develop the general knowledge and skill of the physical education discipline.
  • In the second part, the student develops special education competencies to teach children and youth with a variety of disabilities.
  • In the third part, professional preparation is combined with studies in the liberal arts (i.e., written and oral communication, psychology, philosophy) to equip the student for a productive and principled life.

A listing of core courses to attain competency in the Adapted Physical Education specialization appears below. Most courses are coordinated with practical experiences teaching students in an on-campus teaching laboratory, in the public schools, or other community agencies. Click here to review the pattern of required courses.

EDUC 206 Foundations of Exceptional Learners  
EDUC 263  Learners with Mild Disabilities 
EDUC 350 Assessment and Implementation of Mild Interventions  
ESS 145 Motor Development  
ESS 275 Practicum in Physical Education (Special Education Emphasis)  
ESS 363 Adapted Physical Activity  
ESS 485 Seminar in Adapted Physical Education 

In addition to these courses, disability knowledge is infused across the curriculum into the other Physical Education Teacher Education courses.

Our academic program has a rich history, with a curriculum that is continually reviewed and upgraded to reflect the latest knowledge. Our academic and clinical faculty contribute both to the program's quality and to our graduates' employability. In many instances, facets of our curriculum are used as models for other programs throughout the state. Graduates earn a teaching license in Adapted Physical Education recognized by the Indiana State Department of Education. Click here for Indiana Standards for Beginning Physical Education Teachers.

Standards-Based Curriculum

The program focuses on developing competencies that a physical education teacher should know and be able to do when teaching students with disabilities. Course content includes introduction to disabling conditions, assessment, teaching methods, and program development. The areas of specialized knowledge from the Adapted Physical Education National Standards include:

  1. Human Development
  2. Motor Behavior
  3. Exercise Science
  4. Measurement and Evaluation
  5. History and Philosophy
  6. Unique Attributes of Learners
  7. Curriculum Theory and Development
  8. Assessment
  9. Instructional Design and Planning
  10. Teaching
  11. Consultation and Staff Development
  12. Student and Program Evaluation
  13. Continuing Education
  14. Ethics
  15. Communication