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Athletic Training


The athletic training department has a separate admissions process to enter this program.  A student typically declares an interest in becoming an Athletic Training major prior to or during the first year at Manchester University.  The student is then assigned as an Athletic Training Observer in the Athletic Training environment, during which the student’s aptitude for the profession is assessed by both the student and the athletic training faculty/staff.  By either April 1st  of the student’s first year or December 1st of the student's second year, formal application must be made to the Athletic Training major in order to receive assignment to a preceptor once accepted.  The application is reviewed and the applicant interviewed by the Athletic Training Admission Committee (Program Director, Head Athletic Trainer, Assistant Athletic Trainers, Non ATC faculty member, and ESS Chair).  The successful applicant is then formally admitted to the major, is designated an "Athletic Training Major", and is subsequently assigned a preceptor through enrollment in ESS 270, Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I.  Unsuccessful applicants may either select a different field of study or can remain an Athletic Trainer Observer and reapply for admission to the major at the next application date, provided the minimum criteria for admission have been met.  Transfer students are welcome to apply but must follow the same criteria for admission as first year students with respect to required coursework, GPA, etc. All transfer students must also go through a formal interview process with the athletic training faculty/staff before admittance is granted into the athletic training program.  If coursework is being transferred, it will be determined by the registrar office what overall credits are able to transfer. All major coursework attempting to be transferred for credit will be determined by the Program Director of the ATEP and the chair of the Exercise and Sport Sciences Department.


Admission to Manchester University does not guarantee acceptance to the major in Athletic Training. Application to the Athletic Training major for a typical student will occur during the Spring of the student's first year at Manchester. Typical first year students will have an application deadline of April 1st. The athletic training department has an additional application deadline for those students who are considered fast track students with the registrar or transfer students that meet all requirements with respect to the transfer student policy found online and in the athletic training student handbook. To be eligible for admission to the major, the following requirements must be met by the application deadline for all students. All transfer credit will be determined by the Manchester University registrar, chair of Exercise and Sport Sciences department, and Program Director of the ATEP.

Completion of (or equivalent transfer work) ESS 150, ESS 150L, ESS 106 and ESS 113 with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 and grade of "C" in these courses:

  1. Completion of at least 12 semester hours of university credit

  2. Completion of at least 50 hours of assigned directed observation experience in the Manchester University athletic training program

  3. Successful completion of all clinical skills presented in ESS 150, ESS 150L, ESS 106 and ESS 113

  4. Completion of Athletic Training Application

  5. Completion of interview with the Athletic Training Admission Committee

Due to the competitive nature of the athletic training program, applicants meeting the minimum admission standards will have an interview with the Athletic Training Admission Committee.  If there are insufficient clinical slots for the number of athletic training students (both current and applied students), all applicants, even though meeting the minimum standards, may not be admitted to the major.  In these cases, all interviewees are objectively rated according to the criteria listed below, and the order of admission is based on these criteria. The site below is the link of the page I would like the info below.

  1. Cumulative GPA in required athletic training major courses;

  2. Cumulative GPA for all classes taken

  3. BIOL 202 (Anatomy) Course Grade

  4. BIOL 204 (Physiology) Course Grade 

Cumulative GPA                               Core GPA (ESS 150, ESS 150L, ESS 106 and ESS 113)

3.51-4.00 15 points                             3.51-4.00 20 points

3.00-3.50 10 points                             3.00-3.50 15 points

2.50-2.99 5 points                               2.50-2.99 10 points

<2.50 0 points                                  2.00-2.49 1 point

TOTAL ____________                        TOTAL ____________

Application to the Athletic Training Major