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Observation Student Information and Forms

This webpage is for athletic training observation students to obtain informational forms that are important for the observational period of their first year at Manchester University. Below you will find links to forms that are used to describe the observational process as well as a time log for observational hours.

Each student will be assigned per the program director of the ATEP to a Preceptor for two week rotations starting the fall semester. Each student will be put into a group with several other observational students which they will rotate with throughout the semester as they obtain the minimum 50 hours needed to apply to the athletic training major. Although 50 hours is the minimum we encourage all athletic training students to spend as much time as possible in the athletic training room to gain valuable experience before applying to the major. If a student is a fall athlete they will not be put into the rotation schedule until their fall season is completed. At that time a student will be added to the rotation schedule to obtain their hours before April 1st. If a fall athlete would like to obtain hours in the first rotation, they are given the right to ask a preceptor if they may observe their practice or game. The program director will not assign them to a rotation group until after their fall season of if they discontinue the sport. It is the responsibility of the observational student to follow the below steps and responsibilities as they progress through this experience.

  1. It is the responsibility of the observational student to obtain information from the Clinical Education Coordinator, Zach Dougal ATC, on how to enroll into ATrack to document hours, evaluations, etc.
  2. Each student is responsible for tracking and documenting ALL hours on the ATrack software.
  3. It is the responsibility of the preceptor and student to meet for reflection and guidance after an evaluation is completed for a two week rotation.
  4. It is the responsibility of the observational student to dress appropriately and show up to ALL observational rotations.

Download Athletic Training Directed Observation Information