Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Exercise Science & Athletic Training - Health & Physical Forms

Athletic training students like all others are required to submit a health physical form to health services before beginning at Manchester University. Athletic training students are unique due to the job/service they provide to intercollegiate athletes. Considering the nature of the position, athletic training students physical forms are obtained from health services by the ATEP director and reviewed upon acceptance into the athletic training program. 

The ATEP director contacts the health services director and requests copies of all physical forms for a specific list of incoming athletic training majors. The director of health services reviews the physicals to confirm that the student has signed the statement on the form giving her permission to share these physicals for other personnel on campus. Once this is confirmed, the director of health services provides the ATEP director copies of all athletic training students for their clinical files in the ATEP director office. These physicals are reviewed by the ATEP director to confirm that each student is capable to perform the tasks that are required of an athletic training student.

The ATEP director is also reviewing that no medical history is present that will put any athletic training major at risk for injury. These health forms are required to be in athletic training student clinical folders per the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).