Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Global Health

Medical practicum students

Program Opportunities

  • Major in global health


In the global village of the 21st century, global health is a highly interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science uniquely suited to its time and place. Only 25 or so years old, global health is a growing field that addresses the challenges of an increasingly interdependent world by focusing on health issues spanning not only national boundaries but socioeconomic ones, with emphases that cover a wide variety of academic disciplines.

A global health major runs the gamut from health communication to natural sciences to general training on poverty and global disease to community health work. In addition, it provides interdivisional studies with options for related courses in everything from social work to business.

Global health is a dynamic lens that focuses on the fields of natural science, social science, humanities and management. It’s a forward-looking field that enables graduates to expertly handle health issues that no longer affect just populations and individuals here at home, but worldwide.

Careers for a Global Health Major

  • Community Health Administrator
  • Community Health Worker
  • Consultant
  • Disaster Relief Support Technician
  • Foundation Executive
  • Health Educator
  • Health Services Manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Peace Corps
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Policy Analyst
  • Program Evaluator
  • Public Health Advocate
  • Research Coordinator


Why Manchester?

At Manchester, a global health major rewards students with the ideal marriage of purpose and mission. Its broad scope, and emphasis on seeking health equity among nations, not only provides a wealth of rewarding career opportunities. It squarely aligns with Manchester’s mission to value the infinite worth of every individual, and to do so with a focus that includes not just one’s own community but the world at large.

In keeping with that, the Manchester global health course sequence includes disciplines (such as dealing with conflict) for which Manchester has long been nationally recognized. This gives Manchester a unique leg up in a cutting-edge major offered at only four other schools in the Midwest.

Meeting the emerging challenges of the 21st century world is more than just the goal of global health. It is Manchester University’s historic charge.

Program Highlights

  • Trains students how to serve those in diverse situations with health care problems, either supplementary to their pre-health care clinician studies, as a community health worker or global health worker directly involved with community people implementing programs, or in a less-applied role in research and policy
  • Provides opportunities for students to either augment pre-clinical studies in health care or enter health care issues at a community or population level
  • Course work includes natural sciences, peace studies, communication studies and economics, with optional courses available in social work, political science, psychology, exercise science/athletic training, philosophy and business. 
  • Experiential learning in a health-related context enhanced by Manchester’s long-running Medical Practicum program and recent membership in the Shepherd Consortium