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Global Health - Faculty

Jeff Osborne

Jeffrey P. Osborne, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
Program Director of Biology-Chemistry
Program Director of Global Health
Office:  Science Center 313
Phone:  (260) 982-5075
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At Manchester since:  2004
Education:  Goshen College, 1992 (B.A); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999 (Ph.D.); University of Minnesota (postdoctoral)
Graduate Research Area:  Structure and function of integral membrane proteins.  Biodegradation of pollutants.
Courses Taught:  Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Medical Practicum to Guatemala (January Session)
Current Research Interests:  Enzymes that degrade environmental pollutants.

Cassandra R. Gohn

Cassandra R. Gohn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology
Office:  Science Center 214
Phone:  (260) 982-5418
At Manchester since:  2017
Education:  Saint Mary’s College, 2012 (B.S. Biology); Indiana University School of Medicine, 2017 (Ph.D. Cellular and Integrative Physiology)
Graduate research area:  Mesenchyme Homeobox 2 regulation of fetal endothelial progenitor cell function.
Courses taught:  Human Biology: Stages of Life, Fundamentals of Human Physiology, Introduction to Molecular Biology.
Current research interests:  Chronic morbidities resulting from exposure to a diabetic intrauterine environment, teratogenesis of oral diabetic medications, maternal-fetal translational research.

Memberships & Affiliations:  American Physiological Society, Indiana Physiological Society, Women and Hi Tech, Kappa Gamma Pi National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society.

Dr. Katy Gray Brown Associate professor of philosophy and peace studies

Katy Gray Brown, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies
Director of the Peace Studies Institute

Office: Academic Center 227 
Phone: 260-982-5343

At Manchester since: 2007
Education: Manchester University, 1991 (B.A.);  University of Notre Dame Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, 1992 (M.A.); University of Minnesota, 2000 (Ph.D.)
Graduate Research Area: Native American Philosophy and Communitarian Political Theory
Courses Taught:  Ethical Decision Making, Philosophy of Civilization, Concerning Poverty, and Analysis of War and Peace
Current Research Interests:   Gladdys Muir, the Church of the Brethren, and the historical development of peace studies.


Ty Robbins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics
Office: Academic Center 145
Phone: 260-982-5301
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At Manchester since:  2017
Education:  University of California, San Diego, 2007 (B.A. Mathematics and Economics); University of California, Santa Barbara, 2017 (Ph.D. Environmental Economics)
Graduate Research Area:  International environmental agreements and climate change, avoided deforestation, environmental domestic terrorism
Courses Taught:  Principles and Intermediate Micro/Macro Economics, Health Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Current Research Interests:  Sustainable living communities, recycling market mechanisms, economic and environmental impacts of gas price cycling

Kristen H. Short

Kristen H. Short, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Office:  Science Center 216
Phone:  (260) 982-5183
At Manchester since:  2011
Education:  Miami University, 2004 (B.S.); University of Cincinnati, 2010 (M.S.); University of Cincinnati, 2010 (Ph.D.)
Graduate research area: Population genetics of invasive geckos (Hemidactylus mabouia) during range expansion in Florida.
Courses taught: Principles of Biology, Introduction to Molecular Biology, DNA Science and General Biology.
Current research interests: landscape genetics, nonequilibrium genetic patterns, molecular ecology, dynamics of range expansion, urban ecology, invasive species behavior.
Memberships & Affiliations:  Indiana Academy of Science