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Pharmacogenomics - Tuition and Fees

Pharmacogenomics students working in the lab

How much does the program cost?

 MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY (Pharmacogenomics Fees)


 PGx On-Campus Tuition

Tuition On Ground (34 credit hours)
PGx Technology Fee (Non-Residential)
Total PGX on Ground Costs per Year
 PGX Online Tuition
  Tuition Per Credit Hour800 
  PGX On-Line Technology Fee (Non-Residential)80 
  PGX 592 Lab500 

 PGx Online Master's Tuition and Graduate Certificate in PGx Tuition 2021-2022

 Direct Costs
 (Student billed directly by Manchester University)


 Tuition per credit hour (Non-Residential)


  Facility Fee per credit hour (Non-Residential)80
  PGX 592 Lab500
  Audit Fee per credit hour graduate/professional classes100

 Direct Estimated Total Costs (Master's Program)


 Direct Estimated Total Costs (Graduate Certificate)

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is designed to provide students with an accurate projection of reasonable cost associated with attending Manchester University. The cost of attendance reflects reasonable cost that a typical student with a modest lifestyle may incur to attend the University. The cost of attendance does not represent a student’s actual charges/experience. The exact cost will vary based on:
  • Enrollment status
  • Housing/meal plan choices
    • Residential or non-residential
  • Program and/or course fees

Click here here for estimated cost of attendance for full-time Pharmacogenomics students.

*Special note: 
If you choose to register for the PGx 592 Pharmacogenomics On-Campus Lab elective, there is an additional laboratory fee. Only domestic students are eligible to enroll in this course.