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Master of Athletic Training - Clinical Rotations

Gain clinical experience.

The purpose of the Athletic Training Program at Manchester University is to prepare qualified entry-level athletic trainers to seek employment in a variety of clinical settings. The clinical experiences afford students opportunities to apply the theories, concepts and skills learned in the classroom to "real-life" situations in athletic training settings.

Master of Athletic Training students gain experience working with equipment intensive sports, activities in which the upper or lower extremity is emphasized, and situations in which the students are exposed to general medical conditions. Additional experiences are incorporated into the required curriculum at sports medicine clinics, universities, industries, physician offices and local area high schools. Among these, clinical experiential sites include:

  • Manchester University
  • Purdue Ft. Wayne
  • Huntington University
  • University of St. Francis
  • Huntington North High School
  • Manchester High School
  • Whitko High School
  • Peabody Retirement Community
  • Indiana Physical Therapy (Industrial Setting).

Onsite Preceptors

Manchester University

  • Erin Foreman, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Jeff Beer, MA, LAT, ATC
  • Mandy Toney, MS, LAT, ATC
  • RJ Wilson, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Kevin Gullion, MS, LAT, ATC

 Purdue Fort Wayne

  • Nick Antonelli, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Emily Giorgi, MS, LAT, ATC

Huntington University

  • Beth Herrell, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Chris Burton, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Quinn Wiley, MS, LAT, ATC

University of St. Francis

  • Zach Ruble, MS, LAT, ATC
  • Julie Reinking, MS, LAT, ATC
  • John Patterson, MS, LAT, ATC

Huntington North High School

  • Ryan Geraghty, MAT, LAT, ATC
  • Sarah Allison, LAT, ATC

Manchester High School

Kevin Watson, LAT, ATC

Whitko High School

Adam Gibson, LAT, ATC

Peabody Retirement Community

  • Tom Ross, PT
  • Maria Osborne, PT
  • Austin Straub, PTA
  • Stephanie Wilson, PTA
  • Angie Cantu, COTA
  • Illene Pollard, COTA
  • Kathryn Mossburg, SLP
  • Jama Garcia, SLP

Indiana Physical Therapy (Industrial Setting)

  • Mandy Toney, MS, LAT, ATC