Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Office of Academic Affairs and Assessment

The Office of Academic Affairs and Assessment provides direction and support for all academic endeavors of the Pharmacy Program. Specific functions include:

  • Directing and supporting the faculty in the development and implementation of the curriculum;
  • Directing the curricular and participating in the programmatic assessment of the program (read more about assessment);
  • Developing and implementing appropriate instructional methods and technology to maximize our students’ learning;
  • Overseeing student academic difficulty, progression and remediation programs;
  • Development and implementation of policies related to academic performance;
  • Supporting students in their academic endeavors;
  • Academic scheduling;
  • Working with faculty and faculty committees to promote the educational mission of the program;
  • Supporting faculty development in teaching and learning.

Jennifer Henriksen

Jennifer A. Henriksen, Pharm.D.
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment
More about Dr. Henriksen


Michelle Kibiger
Director of Assessment 

Jeffrey Murphy
Administrative Assistant to the Office of Academic Affairs and Assessment
Shawn Patterson

Shawn Patterson
Academic Affairs and Assessment Coordinator

Melissa M. Rasmussen
Director of Instructional Design