Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Supporting Student Success

The PharmacySMART program is a multi-faceted approach to supporting the success of all pharmacy students. A variety of services and programs have been created and implemented in order to support the mission and goals of the Manchester University Pharmacy Program and to support the success of our student population.There are five facets to the SMART program:

S - StudentWorks

StudentWorks includes scheduled professional development workshops offered during the academic year focusing on issues such as time management, study techniques, etc. Some workshops are required, while others are strongly recommended. 

  • Workshops focus on academic topics and wellness issues that can help the "whole" student find success. 
  • Professional development opportunities introduce students to continuing education that will be a part of their professional career. 
  • Workshops are led by faculty and staff from both the Fort Wayne campus and the North Manchester campus, as well as outside speakers from around the community.

M - Faculty Mentor - Student Mentee Program

In the Faculty Mentor- Student Mentee program, students find support and encouragement from a faculty mentor as they make important academic and professional decisions. The role of a mentor goes beyond academic advising, course planning and goal setting. Mentors are role models and provide support with personal and professional matters, and are guided by Manchester’s mission to “graduate persons of ability and conviction.”

Benefits of the Faculty Mentor Program
  • Students will receive personal guidance as they develop a professional portfolio.
  • Students will receive guidance and encouragement regarding academic, and professional growth.
  • Students will be able to observe and be guided on all aspects of professionalism.
  • Students will be able to meet with mentors and receive personal attention and help on any topic throughout the semester and year.


A - Academic Support

Academic support includes programs, resources and structures that promote academic success. The program, in conjunction with the University Student Success Center, provides resources to our student body. 

R - Referral System

The Referral System provides an opportunity for concerned members of the Pharmacy Program community to reach out and offer help and assistance to students in the program.
Contact the Office of Student and Alumni Experience to make a referral.

T - TeamWorks

Students work in teams during each academic year. Teams are designed through the analysis of personality, learning styles, and other demographic variables. Faculty utilize this team structure during their courses to facilitate assignments and class projects.