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Physics and Engineering at Manchester

The Department of Physics at Manchester University offers courses in the discipline for both majors and non-majors. For students interested in a baccalaureate degree in physics, we offer preparation for high school teaching, for physics-related occupations in industry or government, and preparation for graduate study in physics or related sciences. In addition, the department offers supporting courses for pre-professional training for students expecting to enter medical or engineering schools.

The Department of Physics also serves as the home of Manchester's Engineering Science program. Under this program, students attend Manchester University for three years and an engineering school for their last two years. This program offers students the benefits of the liberal arts experience while taking the courses which serve as the foundation for their field of engineering. Students under this program graduate with two degrees in five years -- a degree from Manchester University in Engineering Science and a degree in Engineering from the engineering school of their choice. Engineering schools where our majors have completed degrees include Columbia University, Washington University at St. Louis, Purdue University, and Ohio State University.