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Engineering Science


Program Opportunities

Students admitted to the University in Fall 2020 or after will not be able to complete an engineering major. With the support of the College of Pharmacy, Natural and Heath Sciences, current students who wish to elect to complete a engineering major after this deadline may appeal for special consideration.

Career Preparation

Students interested in pursuing a career in engineering will find excellent preparation at Manchester University. Manchester University's engineering science degree combines three years of study at Manchester with two years at an engineering school.  After the first year at an engineering school, students graduate from Manchester with a degree in engineering science. After the second year, students graduate from that institution with a second bachelor's degree in the engineering discipline they have chosen (e.g., mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.). This combination is called a Dual Degree, or 3-2, engineering program. The Manchester curriculum builds a strong foundation for any engineering specialty, and gives Manchester graduates an edge in today's job market.

The Manchester science faculty is strong in all areas of physical science and mathematics -- the basis of a successful engineering education program. The faculty who administer the Dual-Degree engineering program are exceptional teachers and have served the profession as officers in a variety of professional organizations.

The admission rate of Manchester engineering science students to engineering schools across the country is exceptional. Since the program began in 1981, 100 percent of those who applied to engineering schools were admitted. Engineering schools where our engineering science majors have completed degrees include Washington University at St. Louis, Purdue University, and The Ohio State University. Manchester University's Dual-Degree program has an official affiliation with Columbia University. 

Many exciting career and employment opportunities await Manchester engineering graduates. Well-established engineering specialties include: agricultural, aeronautic, architectural, astronautic, chemical, ceramic, civil, electrical, electronic, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical, nuclear, and petroleum engineering.