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Manchester University’s Master of Science degree in Pharmacogenomics (MS in PGx) gives students the unique opportunity to enter one of the newest and most exciting fields of science: personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine. The study of the relationship between an individual’s genes and his or her response to a drug allows physicians and other clinicians to prescribe drugs to maximize therapy early on and avoid or decrease the chance of adverse effects. Pharmacogenomics is a revolutionary application of science, and Manchester University offers one of the only degree programs in the world focusing on this “here and now,” cutting-edge field!

With an M.S. in PGx, you will be ready for employment in the genetic testing and pharmaceutical industries as an applied scientist who can work on all aspects of pharmacogenomic testing including sample accessioning and preparation, sample analysis, data storage, data mining and reporting. You will also be equipped to pursue a Ph.D. or a professional degree in fields like medicine, pharmacy or dentistry. This program can also expand your capabilities in professional fields, such as genetic counseling.

On-campus Program

The on-campus program at our Fort Wayne, Ind., campus is designed primarily for those with an undergraduate science degree, offering a one-year, intensive path to a master’s degree. The curriculum is divided into three four-month semesters, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth in pharmacogenomics. You’ll study human genetics, bioinformatics, pharmacokinetics and more paired with a laboratory sequence that will prepare you to perform DNA analysis with the most up-to-date technology. You will graduate with knowledge and skills to place you into the pharmaceutical, genetic testing, and professional service industries.

Enrollment is limited in order to maximize personal attention and collaboration.

Online Program - Beginning in the Spring of 2018

The online program lasts two years and gives students the option of earning the degree where they live and to continue working. It offers two tracks: laboratory and clinical. The laboratory track is designed for current technicians or those who already have a bachelor’s degree in a science field. The curriculum is the same as the on-campus program. The clinical track is designed for health care providers such as physicians, pharmacists and genetic counselors who can put PGx training to use in their field.

The online program offers the same excellent training and personal attention as the on-campus option.

Compare the On-campus and Online Programs.

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