Manchester University Academic Catalog 2018-2019

Global Health

Jeff Osborne, Program Director

The global-health major takes an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to health issues affecting populations and individuals in Indiana and around the world, spanning both political and socioeconomic boundaries.

Major in global health; 46.5-48 hours: COMM 220; COMM 241; ECON 244; IDIV 485; NASC 315; MATH 210 or PSYC 241; PEAC 112; PEAC 218 or PEAC 320; four courses from the following lecture/lab pairs: BIOL 106/L; BIOL 108/L; BIOL 202/L; BIOL 204/L; two semesters of Chemistry/Lab (CHEM 105/L and CHEM 106/L or CHEM 111/L and CHEM 113/L); one course from: BIOL 253; COMM 233; ESAT 262; ESAT 264; one course from: CHEM 260; ECON 303; INTD 425; or PHIL 235; one course from COMM 356; NPM 201; POSC 225; POSC 367; or SOWK 350.

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