Manchester University Academic Catalog 2018-2019

Natural Science Courses

Courses NASC

103 PHYSICAL SCIENCE - 3 hours
A survey of elements of physical science with a focus on the important role of energy in our society. Topics include elementary aspects of astronomy, Newtonian mechanics, energy conservation, electricity and magnetism and modern physics. Laboratory activities are a required part of this course. This course is NOT intended for students majoring in mathematics or the natural sciences. C-4NP.

202      EXPLORING STEM CAREERS I  - 1 hour
Students will gain exposure to the large variety of STEM careers by researching potential career paths,    interviews with STEM professionals, and site visits to local employers. They will evaluate their own career goals in light of their personal strengths and values, and they will reflect on what it means to do meaningful work in STEM fields that improves the human condition.

A study of our universe with an emphasis on matching scientific models to astronomical observations. Objects studied include planets, stars, galaxies and the universe as a whole. The class will concentrate on interpreting scientific theories and observations using these objects as examples. Recent research will also be studied and evaluated by reading scientific journal articles. C-4NE.

209 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY - 3 hours
A study of the earth and the changes that it undergoes. Topics include minerals, rocks, weathering, volcanism, glaciation, mountain building, and earthquakes discussed in the context of the theory of plate tectonics. The course has a laboratory component and may include one required field trip. Lab fee. C-4NE.

Physical principles underlying weather and climate processes, microclimate, global climates in relation to astronomical and geographic factors, regional climates, climate and human well-being (health and agriculture), reconstructing past climates, climate change and its effects on the biosphere. Prerequisite: MATH 105 or higher. C-4NE.

302  EXPLORING STEM Careers II  - 1 hour
Students will study a single STEM career path of their choosing in depth through interviewing professionals in that field, shadowing professionals, and/or completing a practical experience in the field. They will analyze the skills, attributes, and preparation required, and evaluate how those aspects align with their personal goals and values.

315     GLOBAL DISEASE - 3 hours
This course will examine the major communicable and noncommunicable human diseases within the context of the global burden of human disease.  In addition, it will cover causes, origins, and nature of communicable (infectious) diseases, which are transmissible via direct contact with by person to person, water or food, animals or vectors.  Special consideration will be given to Neglected Tropical Diseases.  The course will also cover causes, origins, and nature of non-communicable diseases, which are of non-infectious origin.  Finally, it will analyze the prevalence of given disease/risk factors as well as the relative harm each cause, in terms of both morbidity and mortality.

An opportunity for students to experience the culture of a rural Third World area and to learn the needs and problems in health care delivery systems in a work/study program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. January. P/NP.

A course designed to provide qualified students on-the-job experience in a professional setting. Students will be placed in a selected clinic or office, under the supervision of a licensed professional, and will observe a full complement of diagnostic and therapeutic regimens, familiarize themselves with the theory and practice of the selected discipline and, when possible, participate in the program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

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