2017-2018 Registration


Continuing students may register online or submit the completed Registration Form to the One Stop Student Center according to the following schedule.

Click here to view the 2017 Summer, 2017 Fall Semester, 2018 January Session or 2018 Spring Semester Schedules of Classes. The schedule can also be viewed using Search for Sections on WebAdvisor.


Students may register online through ChetNet during the times listed below. Advisors must approve students for online registration. Registration in the One Stop Student Center is unavailable during online registration dates.

Date/time   Current class standing (based on number of hours completed)
October 26   Beginning at 7 a.m. Graduate Students, Seniors, & Juniors
October 27   Beginning at 7 a.m. Sophomores
October 30   Beginning at 7 a.m. First-Year Students
November 3   Online registration ends at 5 p.m.


Students may register in the One Stop Student Center on November 3, 2017 at the times listed below.

Date/time   Current class standing (based on number of hours completed)
November 3       8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.- All Students
Generally, students are not allowed to register after the first day of classes are scheduled to meet, or after Change of Course Days.

Students not planning to enroll for the fall semester must complete the formal withdrawal procedures through the Success Center.

Information about 2018 January Session off-campus courses and courses at other colleges is listed below.

Descriptions for new and temporary courses are listed below. See the Manchester Catalog for other course descriptions.

This course examines issues in the theory and practice of health communication. An introduction to the ways communication shapes health and health practices. Topics may include: provider-patient communication; organizational communication in health contexts; communication in community health education; information technologies in health communication; and, communication training for health care professionals. Students will come away with a broad understanding of the implications of health communication on self and society.

This course is an in-depth exploration into the art and methods of training and development particularly as applied to communication problems in organizational settings. It also provides students the opportunity to develop and/or refine training and facilitation skills and to link communication theory and research to organizational practice. Students will come away equipped to apply insights to fostering and creating more appropriate and effective communication trainings in organizational settings

This course provides an in-depth consideration of the history and cultural traditions (intellectual, artistic, political, social) of France. This course is taught entirely in French and includes attention to skills and content necessary for articulate self-expression in French. Prerequisite: FREN 202 or equivalent proficiency.

INTD 423 LAW & PHILOSOPHY             3 SH 
An in-depth consideration of fundamental conceptual, ethical, and political questions about the nature and functioning of laws and legal systems. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. C-5CC.

PHIL 219 BUSINESS ETHICS                3 SH 
A study of ethical principles and theories in the context of business and the economy. C-4PH

This course provides an in-depth consideration of the culture, history, art, film, and architecture of Spain. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 301


Off-campus courses are marked as OC on the Schedule of Classes. Contact the instructor for more details about individual travel courses. 

BIOL-T24 Science and Culture in Australia C-3GC
Instructor: Rachel Polando
Location: Australia
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Polando
Join us as we explore Australia in January 2018!  We will fly to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.  We will learn about the culture, heritage, and science of this unique country and it's inhabitants.  You will have the opportunity to interact with indigenous people and animals including holding a koala and feeding a kangaroo.  We then fly to Sydney to learn about Australian settlement and the culture of the city, included are the Opera House, city history tour, and Blue Mountains.  You will need a passport.
More information: Contact Prof Polando

BIOL-214 Field Ecology
Instructor: Jerry Sweeten
Location: Andros Islands, Bahamas
Approximate cost: $2,500
This is a 17-day travel course that include a broad range of ecological and cultural experiential learning opportunities in south Florida and Andros Island Bahamas.  The first week of the trip will be in Florida and include stops at Homosassa Springs, Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Everglades National Park. In Florida students will snorkel with manatees, wade through a cypress dome in the Everglades, and meet biologists from various natural resource agencies. The second week of the course will be on Andros Island Bahamas.  Andros is a developing part of the Bahamas and the largest of Bahamian Islands.  The third longest barrier reef in the world is located along Andros and there is an initiative to begin a new biological/ecotourism field station.  Here students will snorkel over coral reefs and vast turtle grass estuarine communities, examine inland freshwater blue holes and meet a new culture of great people.  Students will stay at the home of the Minister for Tourism and learn about the political and economics of sustainable national parks. 
 More information: Contact Prof Sweeten

BUS-202 Exploring International Business C-3GC
BUS-485 Seminar: Exploring International Business
Instructor: Joe Messer
Location: New Zealand
Approximate cost: ~$5,500
New  Zealand’s North and South Island host amazing biodiversity amongst their wondrous topography. Miles of gorgeous sandy beach coastline surround vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical rainforest, volcanic plateaus of geothermal hot springs, and rugged mountains. The geography of this beautiful island nation along with the Outdoor Lifestyle of its’ people make New Zealand an unprecedented destination for Outdoor Adventure Sport Tourism. Queenstown is even considered the adventure sport capital of the world! From skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, white water rafting, bungy, ziplining, thermal volcanic hot springs, eco-tourism hikes, and more, New Zealand has a lot to offer the outdoor adventure sport enthusiast.  We will try travel through both islands and attempt many of these activities.  We will focus on how to go about building a company around outdoor adventure.
Apply now for a passport.
More information: Contact Joe Messer

INTD-T32 Making Progress in Chicago C-5CC
Instructor: Seth Mayer
Location: Chicago, IL
Approximate cost: $1800 (includes costs of dinners in Chicago, but excludes lunches). Contact Prof Mayer for details.
This course explores the meaning of progress in the continually evolving city of Chicago. By looking at Chicago’s rich, fascinating, and troubled past and present, we will delve into the complexity and difficulty of contributing something of value to the world—whether politically, economically, culturally, or otherwise—while being a responsible member of one’s community. We’ll explore some of the touristy highlights of the city (such as the Loop, Art Institute, Millennium Park, other museums), as well as many neighborhoods throughout the city. We will be learning about topics like art, housing, improv comedy, immigration, and much else—all with a focus on the concept of progress. We will be working with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture to get an in-depth sense for the city. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.
More information: Contact Professor Mayer

INTD-320 Narrative Eye: Topics in Hispanic Film & Story C-5CC
Instructor: Scott DeVries
Location: Utah
Approximate cost: Contact Prof DeVries
More information: Contact Prof DeVries

INTD-445 Development of Modern Scientific Thought in Great Britain C-5CC
Instructor: Susan Klein
Location: London
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Klein
More information: Contact Prof Klein

NASC-310 Medical Practicum
Instructor: Jeff Osborne
Location: Nicaragua
Approximate Cost: Contact Prof Osborne
More information: Contact Professor Osborne.

PSYC-201 Social Psychology C-3RC
Instructor: Marcie Coulter-Kern
Location: Hawaii
Approximate Cost: Contact Prof Coulter-Kern
More information: Contact Prof Coulter-Kern

PSYC-352 Culture and Psychology C-3GC
Instructor: Rusty Coulter-Kern
Location: Hawaii
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Coulter-Kern
More information: Contact Prof Coulter-Kern

REL-228 The Brethren Heritage C-4RL
Instructor: Katy Gray Brown
Location: Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Gray Brown
More information: Contact Prof Gray Brown

SOC-102 Human Conflict C-3RC
Instructor: Brad Yoder
Location: Jamaica
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Yoder
More information: Contact Prof Yoder

COMM-314 Language and Thought C-3RC
Instructor: Mary Lahman
REL-311 Ancient and Medieval Christianity
Instructor: Justin Lasser
Location: Israel and Greece
Approximate cost: Contact Prof Lahman or Prof Lasser
More information: Registration for this 2018 summer class will take place in April 2018.


Many colleges across the country offer a January Session similar to Manchester’s. Students who would like to experience life on another campus may elect to attend another college during January Session. Colleges attended in previous January Sessions or who have invited Manchester University students to attend include:

Huntington University (Indiana)
McPherson College (Kansas)
Saint Olaf College (Minnesota)
University of La Verne (California)

Contact the Registrar for more information.