Submitting Information

You have a wide range of tools to help your students, so we know you appreciate options. We accept student transcripts through electronic sources such as Docufide, fax, or mail. You decide what’s best for your situation and we can work to accommodate it.

What you need to know about students applying to Manchester University

It is free and easy to apply to Manchester! A student can apply online two different ways: our online application and the Common Application.

We also will need official transcripts from the high school or any previous college work. We can accept these electronically, via Naviance, Docufide, or Parchment. If you use another online submission site, contact a Manchester admissions counselor to make certain we can receive it.

Once we receive the transcript and a completed application, we will contact the student within two weeks regarding their admissions status. Because we are on a rolling admission basis, we will admit students year-round and help them start to discover how successful they can be here. Juniors can apply the summer before their senior year and can be admitted as early as Sept. 1.

Once each new year begins, the Office of Admissions prepares to help families with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our FAFSA code is 001820 and admissions counselors would be more than happy to help any student or family as they begin the process. Refer them to our Office of Student Financial Services for some general information or call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-852-3648. You, a student, or a family member can also set up an informational session to ask any questions about the FAFSA

If you have specific questions about a document or a student’s status please call us at 1-800-852-3648.

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