At Manchester our liberal arts curriculum provides students with a well-rounded world view. Faculty challenge students to think more deeply and gain a deeper understanding of the information. Manchester wants to help students grow intellectually as well as socially, so we provide them with experiential opportunities such as January session study abroad and internships through Career Services. Please share the following timelines with students to help prepare them for the rigors and exciting growth they'll experience at Manchester.


Summer-Fall – Apply, start applying for outside scholarships 
Winter – Finalize applications, keep visiting and applying for scholarships
Jan 1 – Start the FAFSA (Finish by March 1)
Spring – Second visits to help with your decision
Late March – Financial aid goes out
May 1 – Deposit deadline
June – Orientation, students sign up for classes


All year – Start thinking about what you want to do after college and research what you need to do to prepare.
Fall – Schedule a time to take the SAT and the ACT, visit on a Spartan Day group visit.
Spring – Start taking individual visits to colleges and meet with professors and students.

Freshmen and Sophomores

All Year - Start researching colleges and take the SAT and ACT or at least start preparing for them.

Middle School

All year – Start thinking about what types of things you enjoy and what you might want to do for a career. Talk to adults in different areas to see what they do as part of their jobs. Talk to your counselors about taking a strong college prep curriculum in high school.
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