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Currently, 11 percent of Manchester's student body participates in the Honors Program, and each year, that number increases as more students see what the Honors Program can offer. Honors students are self-disciplined, creative and organized. They are also highly motivated, with a strong desire to learn.

Honors students may:

  • sign up for Honors classes offered each semester.
  • convert regular courses to courses for Honors credit.
  • choose to write an Honors Thesis or earn an Honors Diploma.
  • show graduate schools and employers their accomplishments. Honors classes will be marked on their transcripts.

Admission to the Honors Program
There are two ways you can join the Honors Program at Manchester University:

  1. You can be admitted as a first-year student. Students who:

    • submit a completed application for admission by Dec. 31,
    • are awarded a Presidential Scholarship or top-level Ability and Interest Scholarship, and
    • attend Scholarship Day

    will be automatically considered for Honors Program admission. Those who receive the previously mentioned scholarships but do not attend Scholarship Day will be sent an application for the Honors Program in late March.

  2. You can apply to the Honors Program after you have started at Manchester University. Current students may qualify once they have accumulated 28 semester hours at Manchester and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.

Transfer students with sophomore standing and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 after 12 semester hours at Manchester may apply as well as qualified international students.