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Stinebaugh-anniversaryPhoto provided by WGAL 

Stinebaughs celebrate 80th wedding anniversary

It all started all those many years ago when Angela Sollenberger spotted fellow student Vernon Stinebaugh in the stairwell of the music department at Manchester College.

"I was really taken,” Angela Sollenberger ’40 Stinebaugh told WGAL-8 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

"She didn't say which way," Vernon said.

"I was really impressed," Angela said.

Vernon asked Angela on a date.

"She gave me a smile I didn't forget," Vernon said.

And the rest is history.

On Aug. 16, 2022, the Stinebaughs celebrated their 80th anniversary.

Manchester Professor Emeritus of Music, Vernon taught music education, violin and conducted what is now the Manchester Symphony Orchestra during in his 31 years at the college. Angela taught elementary school music in North Manchester for 35 years. Over the decades, Manchester music students have benefited from the scholarship in their name.

With Vernon on the violin and Angela on the piano, the couple performed 123 concerts over the years.

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