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Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow


From left to right 
Front, kneeling:
 Mitchell Baker, Payton Frye
Middle Row: Kora Beasley, Evelyn Minton, Ben Miles, Bradley Walling, Jaela Faulkner, Libby Kreps, Shayla Welch
Back row: Harrison Pittsford, Colleen Caylor, Gillian Thompson, Ruby Rusk, Kaitlyn Lewis

The Manchester University STAT Student group became an official campus organization in the fall of 1991. STAT has been teaching students the importance of philanthropy for over 25 years! This volunteer group consists of 25 students who work with the Office of Alumni Relations. You may find our students helping with events such as: Homecoming, Baccalaureate & Commencement, Giving Day, Parents and Family Weekend, and the Senior Celebration. STAT is also used as a resource for student and alumni interaction. 

To become a part of STAT, you must be nominated by current STAT members, faculty, or staff. If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Office at