Meet and Greet with Author Linda Crill
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From the Author: 

After 18 months of following one-size-fits-all advice for a 57-year-old new widow, Linda Crill is still miserable. In a moment of rebellion, she trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and commits herself to a 2,500-mile road trip down America’s Pacific Northwest coast riding a motorcycle. The problem—she doesn’t know how to ride and had only 30 days to learn. 

With less than a month to learn, Linda enrolls in a beginner’s motorcycle course at a Harley dealership. Overwhelmed by the complexities of an 800-pound touring motorcycle and unsure if she can work the biker babe persona, she considers bailing on the trip to retreat into a life of quiet widowhood. But neither option—staying or going—offers the comfort she craves. With little to lose she chooses the road trip, hoping she’ll find answers for rebuilding her life around this blind curve. 

From Vancouver, Canada, to the wine country of California, this out-of-character choice became a catalyst for discovering answers to “What Now?” By heading into the unknown—the blind curve—she faces her fears, tests old beliefs, and discovers not only a broader horizon of possibilities to use in building the next phase of her life but also the fuel to make it happen. 

Funny, irreverent, and extraordinarily honest, it’s the perfect read for people looking for ways to reinvent themselves, and anyone asking: “What now?”