Manchester University Fort Wayne renovates lab space for physical therapy, pharmacy

Pharmacy-labThe pharmacy lab will be divided into three rooms that can accommodate a total of 48 students. Photos by Phil Spann.

Phase one of renovations at Manchester University Fort Wayne, which began after graduation in May, is on track and set to be completed in mid-August. This first phase includes renovations to the conference center, gallery and pharmacy lab.

Those in pharmacy have been in need of a renovated lab for years, having to use the conference center for much of their lab work and sharing a third of the space in the lab with the Master of Athletic Training program.

PT-lab-1Earlier this summer, the conference center was converted into labs for the new physical therapy program, which meant that pharmacy could no longer use that space. The physical therapy program now has two separate labs, formerly the conference center and gallery. The physical therapy musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary labs can be further divided into additional spaces through partitions that can be opened and closed when necessary.

The pharmacy renovations will divide the pharmacy lab into three rooms – ideal for group work and rotating stations. One large room will accommodate 48 students for compounding work with mobile compounding tables. The other two rooms are “breakout rooms,” which will each accommodate 28 students. This redesign in combination with the existing communications and sterile compounding labs will enable students to practice a variety of skills in the lab, including counseling patients, administering vaccinations, compounding sterile and non-sterile products and checking blood pressures and glucose levels.

At this point, metal stud walls have been constructed and plumbing and electrical inspections are complete.

The completion phase for the pharmacy lab began July 25, which involves drywalling, flooring, painting, technology and hardware installations, lighting and plumbing fixtures, casework and new classroom furniture that promotes better collaboration among students. The target deadline is Aug. 18.

This is phase one of construction projects at Manchester University Fort Wayne. An announcement regarding the next phase can be expected in coming months.