Love for God inspires MU’s Masden


“Growing up, I had a lot of teachers that had a significant impact on my life,” said Jalen Masden, a senior history education major from Evansville, Ind. “I really want to do the same for students of my own soon. I am also really motivated to succeed in life to prove everyone wrong who thinks I can’t or who has overlooked me in the past.”

On campus, Jalen is a student-athlete on Manchester’s football team. He also is president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter and the leader of Men’s Bible Study. In addition, Jalen is a member of the Teacher Advisory Council and helps with the youth group at the church he attends in town when he is able.

Jalen’s activities align with what inspires him. “I think what inspires me the most is my love for God,” he said. “Knowing that He gave me an opportunity each day to make an impact on campus allows me to strive to be better at life. It also makes me want to be the guy who has a positive mindset about life.”

“I have had a lot of great memories at Manchester, and especially with the football team. There was one particular game where we beat a team that we hadn’t defeated in over 20 years and it felt like something out of a movie,” said Jalen.

As for his favorite academic memory, Jalen recalled receiving the Spartan Award from Manchester’s Education Department. “I was surprised by the award,” he said, “but I also appreciated hearing the kind words being said about me from my professor. It was a humbling experience.”

After graduation, Jalen plans to teach middle or high school history and coach high school football. He also hopes, at some point, to earn a graduate degree so that he can become a principal or administrator.

Though Jalen originally chose Manchester to play football, he is thrilled with the strength of the Teacher Education Program and the impact it has had on him. “I think what I have learned at Manchester will allow me to be an incredible educator. I will be well rounded in a lot of areas and that makes me versatile in knowing many different students' backgrounds and how to handle each situation differently. The curriculum here really sets everyone up for the future.”

By Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer is a senior biology-chemistry and voice performance major.