Meet LaDavie’a


LaDavie’a Shears, a senior mathematics and educational studies double major from Fort Wayne, Ind., has always loved helping others. “I love seeing their appreciation,” says LaDavie’a. “It just brings a very warm feeling to me. I discovered this when I first started tutoring mathematics in middle school.”

“For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in mathematics,” LaDavie’a added. “I enjoy how it is different from other subjects because of its involvement with calculations, numbers, symbols, formulas, and more,” she said. “Later on, I added educational studies when I fell in love with the subject and wanted to learn more about teaching.”

On campus, LaDavie’a is heavily involved in student life. She is the Secretary of Students Pondering About Math (SPAM), the math club on campus, and of A Cappella Choir. She is also a member of the Handbell Choir and the Honors Program. LaDavie’a works as the student assistant to the President’s Office and is a peer tutor for mathematics on campus

After graduation, LaDavie’a plans to enter a graduate program for mathematics and eventually become a professor. Manchester has helped prepare her for that path ahead. “Being a student at Manchester has exposed me to a variety of subjects, which I think will help me be a more well-rounded person in the future,” says LaDavie’a. “It also helps me connect mathematics with other subjects, which is important since I will be teaching and tutoring students from various backgrounds.”

LaDavie has loved being at Manchester and will always carry fond memories of her time here. “My favorite memory so far was when I made friends, literally, on day one of the Multicultural Orientation,” she says. “I thought it would at least take me at least a month to make new friends in college. The majority of my best memories have happened when I went to campus events like the T-Shirt Signing Party, or hall events like the door decorating contests, or anything that involved pizza.”

Added LaDavie’a, “I love being on campus and seeing everyone, whether at an event or just in passing. With it being my last year at Manchester I hope to make more amazing memories that will last forever.”

By Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer is a junior biology-chemistry and voice performance major.