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The College of Pharmacy will accept completed applications between June and February of each year.  A complete application consists of an application through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) and a Manchester University College of Pharmacy supplemental application.  The PharmCAS application and Manchester University College of Pharmacy information page may be found at the following website:  www.PharmCAS.org.  The required supplemental application may be found on the College of Pharmacy web page.

Admissions Process
Admission to the Manchester University College of Pharmacy is limited and competitive.  Approximately 70 new students are admitted each year. For this reason, achieving the minimum prerequisite subject and grade criteria does not guarantee admission. Students should begin the application process one year before their anticipated enrollment in the Manchester University College of Pharmacy.

The College of Pharmacy annual admission cycle is as follows:

  • June - PharmCAS opens and interested candidates may access the online application
  • July – Manchester online supplemental application is available to applicants
  • October to March – Interview days scheduled
  • February 1 - MUCOP Application (=PharmCAS + Supplemental) deadline
  • March – Final Admissions decisions
  • August – Orientation and classes begin for newly admitted class

The College of Pharmacy uses a rolling admissions process. Admission processing begins after both the PharmCAS and Manchester Supplemental applications are submitted. Completed admission files are forwarded to the Admissions committee and faculty for review. Qualified candidates are invited for an on-campus interview.  Interview days will be held to continue the evaluation of candidates.  Within two weeks of the completed interview, each candidate receives an admission status (accept, committee hold, or denial).

Manchester University Students and the COP Admission Process
Students who complete the pre-pharmacy program at Manchester University with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 will be guaranteed an interview for the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  Students with strong records who meet the minimum cumulative and prerequisite GPA requirements of 2.5 will still be considered for admission; however, these students are not guaranteed an interview. 

International Students and the COP Admissions Process
Only international students completing the Manchester University pre-pharmacy program and meeting the minimum admission criteria will be considered for admission into the Manchester University College of Pharmacy.  Coursework earned through international institutions is not accepted at this time to fulfill prerequisite requirements.  However, all transcripts - including international - must be submitted to PharmCAS. 

Non-Discrimination in the Admission Process
The Manchester University College of Pharmacy is committed to non-discrimination in the admissions process. The University does not discriminate on the basis of nationality or ethnic origin, race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, disability, physical characteristics, or veteran status in admissions including its admission decisions and scholarships or loan awards.

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