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Manchester College is a learning community grounded in appreciation for the worth of each person.
With historic roots in the Church of the Brethren, the College attracts students and faculty who work side by side on research and other learning projects.

This College Catalog contains an array of information about

  • Our mission and values
  • Majors, minors, and courses
  • Graduation requirements
  • Faculty
  • Campus facilities
  • Tuition and fees
  • Lots of “nuts and bolts” information about the College
In many ways, however, this Catalog is like the X-ray of the skeleton of our academic program. Interactions among students, faculty and staff bring it to life. Faculty encourage students to ask questions and grapple for answers. Students learn about responsible citizenship. We welcome discussions about values, vocation, politics, religion and responsibility. Our goal is to graduate persons who have both “ability and conviction.”

Your experience at Manchester College will be richest when you get involved in conversations after class with your professors, attend campus lectures, participate in student organizations and service activities, musical ensembles, athletic teams, theatrical performances and more. The academic program and a full range of support services are in place to serve everyone.

On behalf of the entire Manchester College community, I wish you exciting travels on your journey through higher education. It is a journey that makes all the difference.

Manchester College President Jo Young Switzer

Jo Young Switzer