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Academic Program: Major and Minor Fields of Study

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Courses of Instruction

The detailed requirements for major and minor fields of study, as well as the descriptions of each course, are listed on the following linked pages. Divisional and departmental courses are arranged alphabetically by division or department.

Courses that are required, or can be used to fulfill part of the Core Program requirements are identified in the course descriptions by the following coding:

C-1F First-Year Seminar
C-1O Oral Communication
C-1Q Quantitative Reasoning
C-2 Physical Activity and Wellness
  C-2FA Fitness and Wellness Activity
  C-2LA Lifetime Activity
C-3 Integration Into the World
  C-3RC Responsible Citizenship
  C-3GC Global Connections
C-4 Ways of Knowing
  C-4RL Religion
  C-4PH Philosophy
  C-4AR Visual and Performing Arts
  C-4LT Literature
C-4H Human Behavior Institutions
  C-4HD Education
  C-4HE Economics
  C-4HH History
  C-4HP Political Science
  C-4HS Sociology
  C-4HY Psychology
C-4N Natural World
  C-4NB Biology
  C-4NC Chemistry
  C-4NE Earth/Space
  C-4NN Environmental Science
  C-4NP Physics
C-5 Synthesis and Critical Connections
  C-5CC Critical Connections
  C-5VI Values, Ideas and the Arts

The level of courses is indicated by the course number as follows:


Beginning Level Courses 100
Intermediate Level Courses 200
Advanced Level Courses 300
Advanced Level Courses 400

Only students with junior standing or above, or the instructor’s permission, may take 400-level courses.

The semester and the year for the regular offering of the course are given with most course descriptions. The University reserves the right not to schedule or offer a course if suitable faculty are not available, or to cancel a course if enrollment is insufficient.

Course Descriptions and

Major/minor Requirements