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Pre-Professional Studies are possible through Fast Forward. Pre-Professional Studies are sets of coursework designed to prepare students for graduate level study - this coursework, on its own, will not result in a degree from Manchester. An actual major must be selected from the list above, and the pre-professional coursework is built around it. For each pre-professional program, the major most often utilized is in parentheses.

  • Pre-dentistry (Biology-chemistry)
  • Pre-law (Political Science or Communication Studies)
  • Pre-ministry (Religion or Communication Studies)
  • Pre-occupational therapy (Exercise Science or Athletic Training)
  • Pre-physical therapy (Exercise Science or Athletic Training)
  • Pre-veterinary medicine (Biology-chemistry)

Notes: A few special opportunities at Manchester are not eligible for Fast Forward, as they already have shortened enrollment periods:

  • Engineering Science: three years at Manchester, two at another institution. Culminates in two degrees.
  • Pre-pharmacy: a well-defined set of coursework over two years. It doesn't result in a degree, and is intended only to prepare students for continuing education in Pharmacy.


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