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My Manchester Story

Greg Hetrick

by User Not Found | Mar 26, 2019

Director of Student Services, Pharmacy Program, Fort Wayne Campus

“What aspects of Manchester not only drew you here but have kept you here?” 

“I’ve been with Manchester a long time. First as a student, then came back after teaching a year and starting graduate school to work here.  What drew me here… initially was the community – I had first looked at larger institutions, but realized I felt more comfortable in a smaller environment where I could make connections and build relationships more easily. [When I came to Manchester]  I found that when I arrived, I made lifelong friends, connected with faculty members with whom I stayed in touch after graduation, and felt I could participate more easily in a variety of things with a smaller number of students here. 

"I came back to work in undergraduate admissions here because I thought it would be rewarding and fun to tell my story and help high school students and families see if [Manchester] could be a great option for them. I’ve been able to work with just about every office and group on campus during my time here, and everyone has the same goal. They want students to be successful. It’s the same on the Fort Wayne campus now with my work with the pharmacy programs. ”

“Tell me what you love about your job.”

"It’s fun to come to work every day because I believe I’m making a difference in at least one person’s life each day. It could be from a call with a student who’s trying to navigate through the admissions process, or from an interaction with one of our students who just needs to talk after a rough exam. Our office gets to deal with all parts of the student experience outside of academics, so each day is different and I really don’t know what to expect when I walk in the door each day. That is exciting to me and keeps me motivated.”

“Are you working on any special projects right now?” 

“We are getting ready to launch an Early Assurance program, which provides an opportunity for high school students interested in pharmacy to have a seat “reserved” for them as long as they meet certain criteria.  It’s exciting for me because it brings the two worlds I’ve experienced in my professional career at Manchester together – undergraduate admissions, working with high school students and families, and professional program admissions for pharmacy.”

“What are some similarities you have seen in student life on both the Fort Wayne and North Manchester campuses?“ 

"I think the common thread is community. The campuses are 40 miles apart and the students are at much different stages in their academic careers, but that sense of community is the same at both locations. Faculty and staff here want our pharmacy and pharmacogenomics students to succeed academically and go on to have successful careers. They provide resources to help [students] grow professionally and [build] connections with those in the profession that assist with their future success. I found the same thing as a student and employees on the North Manchester campus, and I’m glad we can continue that sense of community and support here in Fort Wayne.”

“What is your favorite MU memory?”

“As a student, I loved playing racquetball. I won an intramural racquetball tournament one year as a student and played with a buddy from my Garver Hall floor almost every day – which got pretty intense at times.  I started playing again with other staff members when I started working at Manchester too, which was a great way to spend my lunch hour! May Day mud volleyball was a favorite memory, too. As a staff member in North Manchester, it always took me back…when I would see students on move-in days too. That feeling I had as a student each year I’d move back in and start a new year came back each August when I’d walk around campus.”

“What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?”

“Doing things with my family is how most time outside of work is spent.  My wife, who is also a Manchester graduate, and I have a soon-to-be six-year old and one and a half-year old, so they keep us plenty busy.  We like to travel when we can, go to movies, and spend time with the grandparents as well.  I am a sports fan, and follow the Cubs and Bears.  I make two visits to Wrigley Field each year – once with my brother and one with my former roommate at Manchester.”