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Jessica Montalvo

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2019

Jessica Montalvo, director of student services for the Pharmacy Program, discusses growing student organizations on our Fort Wayne campus and lets students know how they can get involved.

“As director of student services, what is your role at Manchester?”

“I do a little bit of everything! I work within the Office of Student Alumni and Community Engagement, so mostly my charges are to serve our student organizations and get some new organizations running, revitalize old ones, set policy and procedure – pretty much set foundational work into place, and it’s been a lot of work! But I love bringing students together and getting students involved.”

“What kind of organizations are you working to get up and running?”

“We just started AAHA [African-American Healthcare Alliance], PLS [Phi Lambda Sigma], which was a group that we just needed to reestablish and revitalize around campus, and SPMC [Student Personalized Medicine Coalition]. We’ve had a lot of student organizations and they really are self-run by hard-working students, which is great. What we needed to do, and continue to work on, is fine-tune and tweak some things, make sure everyone is on the same page and everyone is working with formal standards, like budgets and policy and procedures.”

“What advice do you give to students who want to get involved?”

“To just take the time. If they have some time to look at all of the organizations we have – it’s amazing how really diverse they are with the things they offer, and there’s something for everyone. Some organizations focus on mental health, some focus on health screenings. There is so much information about diabetes, blood pressure, blood glucose, so there’s really so many things that you can explore within the 10 or 11 organizations that we have. I guarantee there is something that a student would be interested in. The organizations are listed on our pharmacy website, and if any student wants more information, they can always contact me and let me know what questions they have. All of the officers for each club are amazing and very helpful, and they’re always willing to sit down with a student one-on-one and explain what their organization does.”

“What is your favorite part of your job?”

“The students. And that’s always been my thing. I’ve been in education my whole career, and it’s always been the students. I have never worked with graduate level students before, but they’re quite similar to other students I’ve served. The fun part is that they’re specialized within pharmacy, and I am learning so much about pharmacy and about them and how passionate they are about serving people within pharmacy. It’s been such a fun and interesting experience so far.”

“What’s a fun, interesting fact about yourself?”

“Actually, I am kind of a jack of all trades. I love doing so many things. I’m a liberal arts junkie. Right now, I’m doing my doctoral program, Ph.D. in philosophy and global leadership. I’m also in a theatre production; I’m a singer and an actor; I love photography, art and painting, writing and English; so I think people don’t know that I like to learn about all kinds of different things, I’m not just focused in on one thing.”

To see the full list of student organizations, visit